School Buses

Cambrai Primary School has two bus routes operating one that goes south through.  Sanderston/Black Hill and north to Sedan.  . 

Contact the school for pick up/drop off times.  This bus is a free service to students of Cambrai Primary School and Preschool.

See attached map for the current bus routes


School Bus Policy

It is the right of all school bus travellers to have the safest possible service provided which includes students wearing seatbelts.  The driver will treat all students respectfully and in turn, we expect students to treat the driver with courtesy and respect.  Everyone has the right to feel safe!

It is the responsibility of all bus users to ensure that the driver is able to perform his/her duties free from distraction and worry about the conduct of passengers.  Any behaviour issues will be directed straight to the Principal. 

See attached Bus Policy for more information.


Travel Allowance

Students may be eligible for travelling allowance if your family live further than 5kms from the closest bus stop.  This is only available for primary students only, not preschoolers.

The car allowance is payable on a per family basis at the prescribed per day rate.  If you are eligible, you can obtain an application form for the front office.


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