Governing Council

Cambrai Primary School & Preschool Governing Council is committed to providing a positive, proactive voice on behalf of the school community.

Governing Councils work with site leaders to help set and monitor the direction of the school. The governing council meets twice a term and topics might include:

  • the academic achievement of the students,
  • the Site Improvement Plan, (that is what the school will be
       focussing on improving on the current year)
  • fundraising
  • supporting the community
  • facilities and policies

Our role is to:

  • set the broad direction of the school after considering student,
       parent, staff and community input
  • develop policies which match the school’s vision
  • monitor the school budget

Meeting Schedule
The Governing Council meets twice a term on Tuesday nights in Week 4 and 8. These dates can be found on the school calendar. The AGM is early in Term 1. Elected members serve for two-year terms. All members of the school community are welcome to attend Governing Council meetings, however only elected members have voting rights.

Governing Council Members
Leila Kasprzak

Parent Representatives
Mel Nuske (Chairperson & Treasurer)
Julianne Fiebig (Secretary)
Jess Cox
Sasha Ahipene
Paige Patterson

Community Representatives
Nicole Schirmer
Sharyn Schirmer
Chris O’Keefe


“The Governing Council at Cambrai Primary School & Preschool is committed to fostering a safe, welcoming and inspirational learning environment where our students can achieve their full potential and become confident leaders in our community and beyond. The Governing Council is supported by motivated parents and community members who volunteer time to enable the school to offer various groups such as Fundraising, Canteen, Meldanda and services that support our community. If you would like to become involved, make a suggestion or ask any questions please contact the Governing Council via the front office.”

Melanie Nuske

Governing Council Chair