School History


The first school in the district of any sort was established at Rheinthal Lutheran Church. The school was for German-speaking students. Lessons were held in the vestry, which doubled as living quarters for the teacher in charge


Rhine Villa School was first opened with Miss Harriet Fahey as the head teacher. Sixteen children attended the school in the first year. The school was not property of the Education Department, and was closed in 1892 due to dwindling student numbers


Rhine Villa Institute is built


Rhine Villa Day School is opened on the first of July in the Rhine Villa Institute. Its first classes were held in the kitchen of the Institute. Mr. Eller was the first head teacher – he earned a 90 Pounds in his first year


Rhine Villa St John’s Church is completed. Students were transferred from Rheinthal Lutheran Church to the new and larger vestry at St John’s


Rhine Villa Day School was shifted to its present-day site on the main road of Cambrai. The original building was constructed from stone and timber. A weather-board classroom was later add as student numbers increased.


Due to the First World War and the anti-German feelings present at the time, Rhine Villa was renamed Cambrai. The school name subsequently changed


A house was built by the Education Department for the accommodation of the head teacher, who at the time was Jessie Croft


The schools’ name was changed from Cambrai School to Cambrai Higher Primary. St John’s Lutheran School closed its doors and the students from there enrolled into the public school. Due to the influx of students, more staff were appointed and additional buildings were erected. The Technical Studies and Home Economics buildings are still standing today


Cambrai Higher Primary is renamed Cambrai Area School


A fourth year (Year 11) was introduced to the school.


Cambrai Child-Parent Centre (CPC) is opened


Mrs. Clara Pipkorn’s house is officially transferred to the school


The School-Community Library is opened


Transformation of Pipkorn’s House from a private house to a study centre begins after the receipt of $8,900 grant from the Participation and Equity Program. Year 12 Studies are added to the school


Meldanda property is bequeathed to the school by the late Mr Les Weiss on Friday, December 6


First year of South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) for year 11 and 12 students


School motto ‘Aim to Achieve’ is launched


Internet becomes available to the school


The school is ravaged by a fierce dust storm. New staffroom opened in September


Administration building redeveloped


New school values introduced – respect, responsibility, honesty and integrity. The FrogWatch and BatWatch Programmes are introduced at Meldanda


New playground installed near oval. A recreational hut was erected at Meldanda thanks to the Investing In Our Schools government grant. This enables us to offer other schools the opportunity to hire Meldanda for school camps and environmental education excursions in the future. As part of this project a shower and toilet block was also installed. A bird aviary was erected adjacent to the library


Redevelopment of the junior primary play area. Declining higher secondary numbers mean that the school is currently CPC to 10


Cambrai Area School’s last year with secondary classes and teachers.


The school is renamed Cambrai Primary School & Preschool with a new principal Michele Holloway.


The school celebrates 110 years on its current site with a beautiful mural by artist Gen Byrt and community event.