Magpie Shop

Magpie Points are a long-held tradition at Cambrai as previous students will share!

Points are earned by upholding our school values to be a kind citizen and engaged learner.

Magpie Points are recorded on the Class Dojo app by any member of staff.


Our Magpie Shop is open for student to spend their points on arts, crafts, books and sporting equipment. The shop is hosted in a delightful small building that also doubles as the doctor’s rooms when they visit Cambrai.


Older students also have the option to save up points for ‘Magpie Rewards’ – these are negotiated and in the past have been activities such as a private picnic at Meldanda, breakfast at a café, sushi making lessons, a free lunch order and so on.


Magpie Points provide reinforcement of positive behaviours at school, while also teaching children the value of a digital currency, the concept of saving (and layby).