Behaviour Learning

What is PBL?

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is a school-wide process for creating safer and more learning communities.

Structure of PBL

Positive behaviours are identified, acknowledged and reinforced while inappropriate behaviours are seen as teaching opportunities.

School-wide Expectations

Our school-wide behavioural expectations are:
Be a Learner
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Safe

No students behaviour should impinge on the ability of the teacher to teach or students to learn.

No students behaviour should cause others to feel unsafe or devalued. Children are expected to be responsible for their own behaviour and not to blame others.

Using ‘common sense’ is highly valued at Cambrai Primary. We encourage our students to assess situations and make judgments which result in the most positive outcomes.

We explicitly teach self-soothing strategies, the ‘Catastrophe scale’ and activities to build resilience.

Productive failure and developing a growth mind set underpin all aspects of schooling.